Precise and Accurate Solutions for Monitoring the Performance of Chemical Injection Systems.

Accu-Rate Pump Setting Gauge

Accu-Rate Pump Setting Gauges® provide accurate readings to calibrate chemical metering pumps and monitor injection system performance. Can serve as a primary containment reservoir.

Calibration Pots

Calibration pots installed between suction side of chemical pump and storage tank allow accurate reading of pump output for various flow rates.

DDC Calibration Cylinders

This text describes the features and applications of Calibration Pots used to calibrate chemical pumps and injectors. It includes a dual scale, polyester laminated scales, and various sizes and connection types.

5700 Injection Rate Gauge

The 5700 Series Gauge visually checks bulk tank contents and injection rate of a chemical metering pump at low to medium pressures up to 500 psig.

17000 Injection Rate Gauge

The 17000 Gauge functions as an injection rate gauge and bulk tank level gauge, with a maximum pump rate of 25 GPD. It has a 1″ O.D. glass sight tube and various calibration options.

7000 Series Injection Rate Gauge

The 7000 Injection Rate Gauge has a spring-loaded test valve to isolate the chemical supply tank from the gauge for calibration. It has a 1/2″ coupler and mounts in a 3/4″ outlet of a 55 gallon drum. It’s available in carbon steel or stainless steel.

Drum Gauges

KENCO Drum Gauges monitor liquid levels in 55-gallon chemical storage tanks and are equipped with test valves to calibrate chemical metering pump injection rates.

929 Series Pump Setting Gauge

The 929 Pump Setting Gauge checks the pumping rate of a chemical pump under actual pumping conditions, with visual indication of liquid level in the tank. The rate scale is in quarts/liters per day and max pump rate is 11.25 GPD or 42 LPD.

KMK Injection Rate Gauge Manifold

The KENCO Manifold Kit simplifies the installation of a metering pump and a KENCO Calibration Gauge to a chemical storage tank. The integral ball valve and strainer minimize assembly, leak paths, and installation time.

30000 Series Pump Setting Gauge

The stay rod pump setting gauges are used for calibrating the flow rate of chemical metering pumps and injection systems, and for monitoring their performance. They can also serve as the primary containment reservoir of a fluid.

Chemical Injectors

KENCO Chemical Injectors inject and atomize corrosive chemicals into turbulent process pipelines to minimize buildup on pipeline walls. Recommended for pipelines with velocities of 40 feet per second or less.

KPRV and KBPV Relief Valves

The KENCO KBPV and KPRV valves maintain constant pressure in chemical feed pump systems to prevent siphoning and over pressurization respectively.

About Kenco’s Chemical Injection Equipment

The KENCO Accu-Rate Pump Setting Gauges®, Calibration Pots, DDC Calibration Cylinders, 5700 Injection Rate Gauge, and 7000 Series Injection Rate Gauge are all instruments that are utilized for various applications in chemical injection systems. The Accu-Rate Pump Setting Gauge® is used to check and calibrate the flow rate of a chemical metering pump with the help of the gauge’s individual rate scales. The Calibration Pots provide an accurate reading of the pump’s output for a wide range of flow rates, and are often used in offshore installations. The DDC Calibration Cylinders are used to calibrate the flow rate of chemical metering pumps and chemical injection systems, as well as to insert accurate dosages of chemical into batch processes. The 5700 Injection Rate Gauge is used to visually monitor the liquid level inventory in horizontal 55-gallon chemical storage tanks, while the 7000 Series Injection Rate Gauge is used to isolate the chemical supply tank from the gauge to conduct a one-minute calibration test for the chemical pump. These instruments are available in various materials and sizes to meet specific chemical resistance requirements, and customizations are available to meet specific needs and specifications.