Bursting discs are, in addition to safety valves, the most commonly used pressure protection devices in industrial installations. They protect vessels and pipelines against deformation and other damage. The main goal is to provide optimal protection while minimizing system downtime.

Bursting discs are safety devices with a defined rupture point that respond to a specific pressure and are used for pressure relief in a wide variety of applications. They are used as protection against overpressure or vacuum in a process, to protect people, the environment and the machine. Originally a very simple solution, rupture discs have evolved enormously in response to increasing industry demands, such as varying pressures or higher process temperatures, and the increasing technologicalization of processes in recent years. The biggest advantage over electronic, pneumatic or spring-loaded safety systems is the fail-safe performance of rupture discs – making them the most economical and most important safety feature in industrial enterprises. High reliability is important to prevent unnecessary system downtime. How safe a rupture disc is, however, strongly depends on the workmanship and the material used.

Reverse acting rupture disc

Forward acting rupture disc

Disc between flanges

Sanitary disc

Graphite disc

Low pressure disc

Tank container disc

Transportation disc

About Rupture discs

As you can see above, there are various types of rupture discs available, each with its own specific properties.

Two of the most common discs types are:

Reserve acting rupture discs

The rupture disc dome faces the process and allows for very high working pressures (see also: important technical information about rupture discs) and a very high working pressure ratio.

Forward acting rupture discs

The rupture disc dome faces away from the process.

OsecoElfab Rupture discs

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