The Smoothflow Pump utilizes a patented drive mechanism that guarantees a seamless flow without pulsation through the use of a precise and constant-speed cam. This results in Tacmina pumps providing a consistent transfer of fluid without any pulsation and extremely precise metered output.


Perfect for metered transfer of challenging-to-handle chemicals and fluids, including UV curing resin, urethane resin, and slurries.


Perfect for inline mixing, this efficient pump features a smaller motor with lower power consumption and emissions compared to other pumps.


Suitable for a diverse range of production processes, including the manufacturing of batteries, paint, adhesives, and food products.


Perfect for handling slurries, filtration processes, spray-drying processes, continuous in-line preparation, paint spraying, and coating applications.


Perfect for accurately supplying various coating fluids and electrode materials in the die-coating process.


Compatible with acids, bases, and solvents, this pump is ideal for precise liquid supply in laboratory processes, even in trace amounts.


Perfect for process lines that demand strict control, such as optical film, precise coating operations, and high-purity pharmaceutical applications.


Suitable for a diverse range of production processes, including the manufacturing of batteries, paint, adhesives, and food products.


This compact pump body offers high-precision chemical transfer, ensuring stable chemical concentration.

The Smoothflow Pump from TACMINA is an excellent reciprocating pump that provides precise and accurate flow without any pulsation or damage caused by slurry. This is possible due to its unique mechanism that produces a continuous and constant flow, meeting even the strict requirements of cutting-edge processes such as thin film coating and flow synthesis. Additionally, the lack of sliding components in the liquid end part helps prevent various problems, including particle biting and part wear, making it possible to transfer liquids that would be difficult with conventional systems.

Furthermore, the completely sealed structure of the Smoothflow Pump eliminates the need for shaft seals, preventing any liquid leakage and ensuring safe transfer even of dangerous chemicals. Additionally, the pump is gentle on fluids, preventing any agitation, shearing, or frictional heat that may cause deterioration of even delicate liquids. The pump can also handle a wide range of liquids, including high-viscosity and high-concentration slurry liquids, corrosive liquids, organic solvents, and high-temperature liquids.

The non-return mechanism incorporated in the Smoothflow Pump ensures excellent metering characteristics and reproducibility, allowing for a fixed supply amount even when the discharge-side pressure fluctuates. Additionally, the elimination of pulsation minimizes piping vibration and pressure loss, making it possible to transfer over long distances and with high-pump-head conditions while reducing costs.

Compared to conventional diaphragm pumps, the Smoothflow Pump provides a pulse-free output, superior metering accuracy, no leakage, no deterioration of fluids, good for slurry transfer, compatible with a wide range of fluids, no contamination by foreign matter, ideal for long-distance and high pump head transfers, safe, reliable, and energy-saving.

In contrast, conventional diaphragm pumps have advantages over other pump designs, such as accurate metering and no leakage, but they produce pulsation that leads to vibration, noise, and other issues. The common method for suppressing pulsation in conventional diaphragm pumps is to use an air chamber or other pulse-reducing devices, but this often causes problems such as the lack of output responsiveness and the cost and effort required for cleaning and maintaining the device. Rotary positive displacement pumps offer pulse-free, continuous flow, but friction causes the mechanical seal and packaging to wear, leading to performance issues and fluid contamination such as leakage.

Overall, the Smoothflow Pump is an excellent solution for various industries that require high precision and accurate liquid transfer while minimizing maintenance frequency and task times.