Sealweld products have been developed over almost forty years of practicing on-line valve maintenance. They strive to make the valve technicians job more productive through the development of these effective products. Sealweld is constantly upgrading their sealant delivery systems by improving their pumps and adapters.

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Valve Fittings & Adapters

Sealant Injection Pumps

Tools & Equipment

The Sealweld team of chemists thoroughly analyzed the available products at that time, and designed compounds that would outperform others in a wide range of service conditions, while also providing longer maintenance intervals.

The introduction of Sealweld products revolutionized the industry by eliminating the need for pipelines to store large inventories of different sealants, and the hassle of ensuring the right sealant was used for each specific valve.

Our commitment to manufacturing consistently high-quality products has empowered our technicians to apply a scientific and systematic approach to problem-solving.

Detailed test procedures, described in our technical papers, are available for download from the technical papers section of our website.

After over forty years of experience, our Valve Care Products are the result of practical solutions that have proven to be effective in all types and makes of valves.

We have learned that valves in natural gas service are more susceptible to leakage issues compared to those in crude oil service, due to the self-lubricating properties of oil. Therefore, our solutions are primarily focused on gas-related problems. However, our Sealweld Valve Care Products are equally suitable for both gas and oil applications, and have been proven effective in all hydrocarbon product-related scenarios.