Flame Arresters

Transporting or storing flammable liquids or gases poses a significant risk of fire or explosion due to the possibility of ignition of the flammable vapours. Elmac Technologies has developed explosion protection equipment that allows the flow of gases or vapours under normal operating conditions while preventing the transmission of flames in the event of an ignition.

End-of-line deflagration flame arresters

In-line deflagration flame arresters

In-line detonation flame arrester

About Flame Arresters and how flame arrasters work

Flame Arresters (the Dutch translation of Flame Arrestors is ‘flame arresters’. In the text, we use the English term ‘Flame Arresters’) are important safety devices to prevent the spread of flames and explosions when transporting and storing flammable liquids, gases and vapours. They are installed in pipelines, storage tanks and other equipment to provide passive protection against ignition sources and prevent flammable substances from entering the environment.

Flame Arresters interrupt the flame propagation process and dissipate heat to prevent further ignition. The main types of Flame Arresters (from Elmac Techologies) are:

End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arresters

These are used in applications where the flame front is expected to move in only one direction. They are installed at the end of a pipeline or storage tank and consist of a mesh element or a series of metal plates with small openings that allow the flow of gas or liquid but prevent the passage of flames.

In-line deflagration flame arresters

are devices designed to prevent the spread of flame fronts in pipelines and other equipment used to transport flammable gases or liquids. These devices are essential safety devices in many industrial processes, where a sudden release of flammable material can pose a serious risk of fire or explosion.

In-line detonation flame arresters

In-line detonation flame arresters are similar to in-line deflagration flame arresters, but they are designed to stop the propagation of detonation waves, which are much more powerful than deflagration flames. Detonation waves are supersonic shock waves that propagate through a combustible mixture, causing very high temperatures and pressures. A detonation wave can cause catastrophic damage to equipment and facilities if left unchecked.

Flame Arresters (flame arresters) from Elmac Technologies

As an official distributor of Elmac Technologies, we are dedicated to supplying top-of-the-line flame arresters (flame arrasters) that provide the ultimate protection against explosions in high-risk process environments. Our expert technical team works closely with Elmac Technologies to gain knowledge about the products. We then use this to best serve and advise our customers.