Transportation disc

This type of rupture disc (HCL-RC) is commonly used in rubber lined railway tank cars. And is suitable for use in Hydrochloric Acid (Hydrochloric Acid) applications.


Product description

The OsecoElfab HCL-RC or Hydrochloric Acid Railcar Disc is typically used in rubber lined railroad tank cars. As it’s name suggests, it is an excellent choice for use in highly corrosive environments.


Product type


  • Designed primarily for rubber-lined tank cars used in Hydrochloric Acid service
  • 4.75″ O.D.
  • Standard material construction is Ryton with Fluoropolymer linings, and 1/32″ Fluoropolymer gaskets secured to both sides
  • Damage resistant
  • Resistant to premature rupture during coupling and switching
  • Fits standard threaded or bolted railroad tank car safety vent

Pressure level

  • High