Level Measurement

Versatile and Reliable Level Indication Solutions for Storage Tanks.

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters

This Magnetostrictive transmitter offers accurate and continuous measurements of liquid level, interface level, and temperature via Analog, Modbus RTU, or DDA. No maintenance or recalibration is needed after installation and calibration.

Magna-Site Magnetic Level Gauge

The KENCO Magna-Site is a magnetic level gauge that replaces glass in hazardous and high-pressure locations. Its components include the gauge housing, magnetic float, and magnetic flag assembly for visual indication.

K9900 Series Level Gauge

The K9900 Series Level Gauge offers a solution for sight glass applications with a design that simplifies installation and eliminates gauge glass issues. It features floating misalignment unions, offset pattern valves, and ball check shutoffs for low-maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

KMR & KHR Reflex Level Gauges and Valves

KENCO Flat Glass Gauges provide direct visual observation of fluids with high pressure (up to 4000 psig) and high temperature (up to 750°F), with various construction materials and connections to meet specifications.

KMT & KHT Transparent Level Gauges & Valves

KENCO Flat Glass Gauges withstand high pressure (up to 4000 psig) and high temperature (up to 750°F), providing direct visual observation of fluids. They offer versatile options to meet various specifications.

KWR & KWT Weld Pad Level Gauges

The KENCO Weld Pad Flat Glass Gauges are perfect for observing process fluids and can be welded to the vessel wall, with various glass configurations and material options.

8800 Series Level Gauge

The 8800 Series Level Gauge is easy to install with 90° connections, FNPT vent and drain connections, and a 1/16″ dimensional tolerance. It features a protected sight tube and can be calibrated for tank volume with various shield options.

Safeguard Level Gauge

The Safeguard gauge is an economical and easy-to-install one-piece solution for liquid level measurement, featuring metal nozzles, a metal frame, and a polycarbonate shield. Various scales are available. KENCO KTV valves are sold separately.

EPG Environmental Protection Gauge

The Environmental Protection Gauge (EPG) is an economical alternative to expanded metal and tubular glass for liquid level measurement. It has metal nozzles that match glass and a clear polycarbonate shield.

5700 Bulk Tank Level Gauge

The 5700 Series Gauge is designed for low to medium pressure applications up to 500 psig. It allows for visual checking of bulk tank contents and injection rate of a chemical metering pump.

17000 Bulk Tank Level Gauge

The 17000 Gauge is a level indicator and pump setting gauge calibrated in different units with a maximum pump rate of 25 GPD. It features a 1″ O.D. glass sight tube and top and bottom connections of 1″ MNPT.

4400 Close-Mount Level Gauge

The KENCO close-mount level gauge is perfect for applications requiring minimal tank protrusion. It is easy to install and has a protected glass to prevent breakage, making it suitable for various uses.

KTV Tubular Valves

The KENCO Tubular Valve (KTV) is designed to work with the KENCO Safeguard or EPG Level Gauge for operator safety and environmental protection in low to medium pressure applications up to 500 psig.

ESP/ST Series Armored Level Gauge

The KENCO Armored Level Gauge (ESP or ST Model) provides clear visual indication and works with different process connections. It has low installation costs and reduced maintenance, operating up to 500 PSI. The ESP series has extra glass protection from polycarbonate.

Kenco manufactures a range of liquid level measurement devices, including magnetostrictive transmitters, magnetic level gauges, reflex level gauges, and valves. The magnetostrictive transmitters use magnetostriction principles to provide accurate and repeatable measurement via Analog (4-20mA) with HART®, Modbus RTU, or DDA. The magnetic level gauges, such as the Magna-Site, are a low-maintenance solution for determining the volume of liquid in a tank. The Kenco Flat Glass Gauges, such as the KMR & KHR Reflex Level Gauges, are suitable for a wide range of applications with pressures up to 4000 psig and temperatures up to 750°F. The K9900 Series Level Gauge incorporates floating misalignment unions, which allow the process connection centerlines to vary +/-1/4″.