Extruder Burst Plugs

Our leak-tight extruder burst plugs are designed to protect plastic extrusion machines from over pressurization.

Extruder Burst Plugs

Product description

Our high-performance extruder rupture disc plugs are designed to protect against overpressure in plastic extrusion processes. Each plug includes a threaded body with a conventional rupture disc that is either soldered or welded to the end.

The disc sits flush with the extruder’s pressure vessel wall to eliminate the possibility of cavities where product can accumulate and cause damage or solidify. The design ensures that there is no possible leakage, regardless of pressure and temperature.

Since every extrusion application is unique, we offer the component in a variety of dimensions, thread types, and body configurations to accommodate a wide range of burst pressures.


Product type


  • Industrial Equipment

Pressure Level

  • Medium
  • High