Dual Gard

Let’s start this article with a question: what can be round or square, made of metal, burst at a certain temperature – and breathes?

No, we have not (yet) invented living rupture discs. But we have taken our rupture disc technology one step further up the evolutionary ladder:
Dual-Gard, OsecoElfab’s first innovation in 2023, integrates a breathable membrane with a metal rupture disc or vent.

This creates a two-stage pressure relief device that provides continuous pressure equalization combined with rapid overpressure relief. Typical applications for the Dual-Gard are high-performance lithium-ion batteries, battery cabinets and battery energy storage systems.

Dual-Gard: Improving battery safety

Dual-Gard is an innovative pressure relief solution from OsecoElfab. It improves the safety, design and performance of batteries and BESSs by combining pressure equalization and emergency venting in one robust, scalable device.

This offers double protection against the biggest safety problem with lithium-ion batteries: the risk of propagation. It also enables simpler, more efficient battery design by eliminating the need for additional pressure relief components.

Dual-Gard’s patent-pending design is unique in that it is fully adaptable for use in lithium-ion batteries, battery cabinets, and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs).

Delta Engineering; partner of Oseco Elfab

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