Accessories Explosion panels

Our range of OsecoElfab accessories for explosion panels includes safety frames, gaskets, temperature adapters and insulation layers.

Product description


All OsecoElfab explosion panels are standardly manufactured with an integral gasket strip to ensure a leak-proof seal. However, upon request, we can also provide complete gaskets for extra safety and security. These are standardly made of neoprene, but other materials are available upon request.

Temperature Adapters

Enhance the temperature capabilities of your explosion vent with one of our temperature adapters. These are particularly useful for applications where processes are conducted at a certain temperature or are affected by temperature changes outside the vessel.

Insulation Layers

Insulation can be external to the panel or built into the ventilation construction itself. Options include temperature adapters, aluminum-clad flakes, or integral insulation layers.

Safety Frames

Our safety frames are a critical part of the explosion venting installation and ensure that the panel performs as intended. Do not use one of our safety frames with an explosion vent from another manufacturer. We custom-make our safety frames to fit the explosion panels you order. The standard material is stainless steel, but other materials are available upon request.

Flat safety frames offer a low-profile option at a low cost.

Sloping safety frames provide maximum rigidity and extra protection for dome-shaped ventilation openings. The sloping frames are also easier to attach to applications and provide easy access to the fasteners that hold the explosion panel in place.

With a combined frame profile, you can select the most suitable configuration for your installation. All safety frames can be bolted or welded to your vessel.

Product type


  • Power Generation
  • Batteries and Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Powder & Bulk Handling
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Renewables
  • Midstream & FPSOs
  • Refining
  • Electricity Transmission & Distribution