An explosion panel (explosion vents) is intended to protect your industrial installation against explosions. The panels are designed/produced according to customer specifications to break immediately at a predetermined pressure. With the aim of protecting the system on which they are installed against excess pressure caused by dust or gases.

Delta Engineering BV offers a wide range of explosion panels from OsecoElfab. The explosion panels are available in various shapes (round, square or rectangular) and can be supplied in the flat (Flat) or curved (Domed) version. Unlike some rupture discs, the panels are non-fragmenting.

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MV Range explosion vents

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CRP Explosion vents

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Accessoires for explosion vents

How do explosion vents work?

In the event of an explosion, an explosive vent panel will burst, thus protecting the tank by reducing the overpressure inside and releasing the explosion into the environment in a controlled manner. Industrial processes vary greatly depending on the industry and product. Explosion vent panels are not reusable devices. Therefore, any panel that has been opened must be replaced with a new one.