Thermal Vent

Our thermal vent has a composite design that reduces heat loss when used in high-temperature applications.


Product description

The storage and handling of grains and powders can lead to hazardous explosions in dusty conditions. Processes that require higher temperatures must maintain the heat energy while ensuring safety. Proper explosion venting protection can resolve this added complexity.

Our thermal explosion vent is constructed with a low-density silica thermal insulator and stainless steel panel that allows it to withstand condensation or product build-up. As the insulation is integrated into the panel, there is no loss of efficiency.

Unlike other designs that require additional components, our thermal explosion vent provides a single-product solution that requires minimal space and reduces ongoing purchasing costs.

The thermal explosion vent is suitable for temperatures up to 600°C and is available in square, round, or rectangular designs with either flat or domed construction. Vent-Tel, our ATEX-approved burst detection system for explosion panels, may also be used with the thermal explosion vent depending on the process temperature and conditions.


Product type


  • Powder & Bulk Handling
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Powder & Bulk Handling